Best Paper Award

The Committee annually recognizes one paper for excellence from all of the papers submitted to the Committee during each annual Call for Papers for the TRB Annual Meeting.  The award is presented at the Annual Meeting in the following year (e.g., the Best Paper presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting is recognized at the 2013 meeting).

Papers are reviewed by Committee members and friends, based on review criteria established by TRB.

Award Winners

2014 — Katy Salamati, Nagui M. Rouphail, H. Christopher Frey, Bin Liu, and Bastian J. Schroeder: “A Simplified Method for Comparing Emissions at Roundabouts and Signalized Intersections”

2013 — Nathan Belz, Lisa Aultman‐Hall, Per Garder, and Brian Lee: “Event‐Based Framework for Noncompliant Driver Behavior at Single‐Lane Roundabouts”

2012 — Katayoun Salamati, Bastian J. Schroeder, Duane R. Geruschat, and Nagui Rouphail: “Event-Based Modeling of Driver Yielding Behavior to Pedestrians at Two-Lane Roundabout Approaches”

*2011 — Hillary Isebrands and Shauna Hallmark: “A Statistical Analysis and Development of a Crash Prediction Model for Roundabouts on High-Speed Rural Roadways”

*2010 — George X. Lu, Fang Guan, and David A. Noyce: “Simulation Study of Access Management at Modern Roundabouts: Pedestrian Crosswalk Treatments”

*2009 — Bastian Schroeder and Nagui Rouphail: “Mixed-Priority Pedestrian Delay Models at Single-Lane Roundabouts”

* Awarded by Task Force ANB75T